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  Intensive Session B - 3 weeks from July 29, 2024  to August 16, 2024
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Age Requirement
One must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in our summer language programs. One must be 18 by the start of the program.

Cancellation coverage : All participants in the UQAM summer language programs are advised to take adequate insurance policies (notably flight/train/bus trip cancellation) when booking their trip.

Registration and Placement Fees
Registering to any language immersion program entails administrative fees (following the chosen program[s]) and accommodation placement fees (in case of lodging only). These fees are to be paid upon registration and are non refundable.

Cancellation Policies
Click here to read about our Cancellation Policies politiques d'annulation

To follow a course or program of study lasting less than six (6) month, you may be required to obtain a visa from your country of origin. Check if you need a visa to travel to Canada.

Exchange Rates
All our prices are in Canadian dollars. To convert the costs from Canadian dollars into your country’s currency, click on the following link:
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